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Sometimes we just need someone to listen, and that’s where counselling fits in. I am an integrative counsellor who believes in the importance of the counselling relationship. I take a holistic approach providing a safe place where you will be accepted unconditionally. 

But! Do I need counselling?


1.    Am I concerned about my thinking, behaviour, or emotions?

2.    Do my current problems seem to be getting worse over time?

3.    Are my current problems interfering with my normal ability to function?

4.    Have friends, family or co-workers expressed their concern about my difficulty coping?

5.    Do I have family and friends that I can turn to for support?

If you have scored 2 or more ‘Yes’ answers to the above questions, it may prove beneficial to consider counselling.

My counselling room is situated in the Moyle Medical Centre – 14A Old Glenarm Road, Larne. BT40 1RW.

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Counselling Rooms:

Moyle Medical Building

14A Old Glenarm Road


BT40 1RW



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